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Vouchers Would Hurt the Poorest of the Poor

Public Education is Key to Human Well-Being and Must Be Protected Against Vouchers Rev. John Gill, Pastor  of Church of the Savior and Rev. Marcia C. Free, M. Div. Associate Pastor in Knoxville, issued the following statement on behalf of the Southern Christian Coalition calling on Rep. Jason Zachary (House District 14, Knoxville) to change…

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The Voucher Bill Is Morally Irresponsible And Fails Our Children

Senate and Gov. Lee Must Not Abandon Our Public Schools In response to the Tennessee State House of Representatives passing legislation (HB 0939) to abandon the needs of our public schools by expanding a private school voucher system, Rev. Laura Becker, Pastor of Northminster Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga and member of the Southern Christian Coalition,…

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