Join people of faith speaking up for an end to the harmful attacks on women and their dignity.

The Hardest Personal Decisions We Make Are Not for Politicians to Exploit –
It’s About Human Dignity


Dear Tennessee Lawmakers:

As a person of faith, I believe that everyone, across race, place and faith, deserves privacy and the dignity of making their own reproductive decisions with their doctors, pastors, and with God, along with the freedom to follow their moral conscience. 

Many of us have had to make complicated medical decisions for ourselves and our family members, and know the importance of listening to God in prayer, as well as talking to trusted voices in our lives to help us walk through hard choices.  

What we need when making these decisions is understanding, compassion, and empathy, not judgment or policies that restrict our ability to make the decision that is best for us and our family. 

Parents know what’s best for their families, and patients and doctors need to work together without politicians getting in the way of personal and medical decisions. Elected leaders who erect barriers and interfere with this personal decision show a complete lack of empathy and appreciation for the basic humanity and dignity of all God’s children who are created in God’s image. 

Now that abortion is illegal in Tennessee, we can see that our legislators who wrote and supported these laws do not actually care about the sanctity of life. If they did, they would instead be focused on supporting policy that actually supports healthy families, which would include making sure all children are fed, all families have healthcare, and that working parents have access to affordable childcare. Instead, these politicians have been opposed to expanding Medicaid, refused to take appropriate COVID-19 precautions to prevent the spread of a deadly disease, and failed to support our public schools.

Further restricting abortion in Tennessee has put lives at risk. Women should have safe, legal abortion options. 

By signing this letter, I am committed to creating communities where my loved ones are able to receive the abortion care they need—whenever they need it—and decide if, when, and how to grow their families, and will continue to speak out until a safe and legal abortion is once again an option in Tennessee.



[Tennessee people of faith...]