We Sing “Joy To The World” – NO EXCEPTIONS! Rev. Jim Sessions

March 20, 2020

Our thoughts and prayers go to all our sisters and brothers throughout the world suffering from the coronavirus…and to those health workers laboring to contain the virus and care for the sick.  It is coming home to us that our health is not just a private possession but is shared whether we like it or...

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Block Grant Forums | Memphis

October 15, 2019

Block Grant Forums | Memphis By Initially Neglecting Memphis, Does Gov. Lee Understand the Danger of Block Grants? Gov. Lee’s initial decision to deny Memphis a block grant hearing, the area with the most TennCare enrollees in the state, is morally troubling. While we are encouraged that Gov. Lee ultimately granted Memphis a forum, we...

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Rural Hospital Closures Are a Moral Failure

May 31, 2019

Jamestown Regional Medical Center, the only hospital in Fentress County, due to loss of federal funding, is another rural hospital at risk of closing. Our leaders, the public servants Tennesseans entrusted to improve, not abandon their health care needs, are watching our hospitals fall one by one. If Jamestown Regional Medical Center, the only hospital...

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UPDATE on the Lawsuit to Repeal the ACA

May 24, 2019

The Fifth Circuit of Appeals will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on July 9, 2019. We remain on the front lines of protecting the ACA that millions of our brothers and sisters depend on for health care and even their lives. We continue to call on Tennessee Attorney General...

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Speaker Casada Must Resign: A public servant’s moral character matters

May 17, 2019

Last week, we called on Speaker Glen Casada to resign. Speaker Casada has abused his role as public servant. We lamented that instead of serving Tennesseans, he was serving the false gods of greed and power.  Today, we learned that Speaker Casada has continued to abuse his position of power by attempting to manipulate the...

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Speaker Casada’s Abuses of Power Disqualify Him as a Leader and He Must Step Down

May 7, 2019

The Gospel Warns Us that Abuse of Power Leaves a Trail of Destruction: Tennesseans Must Reckon with Casada’s Pattern of Behavior In response to House Speaker Glen Casada’s pattern of behavior, Lenda Sherrell, state director of the Southern Christian Coalition, released the following statement: “The Gospel is clear that abuse of power leaves a trail...

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Vouchers Would Hurt the Poorest of the Poor

April 29, 2019

Public Education is Key to Human Well-Being and Must Be Protected Against Vouchers Rev. John Gill, Pastor  of Church of the Savior and Rev. Marcia C. Free, M. Div. Associate Pastor in Knoxville, issued the following statement on behalf of the Southern Christian Coalition calling on Rep. Jason Zachary (House District 14, Knoxville) to change...

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The Voucher Bill Is Morally Irresponsible And Fails Our Children

April 23, 2019

Senate and Gov. Lee Must Not Abandon Our Public Schools In response to the Tennessee State House of Representatives passing legislation (HB 0939) to abandon the needs of our public schools by expanding a private school voucher system, Rev. Laura Becker, Pastor of Northminster Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga and member of the Southern Christian Coalition,...

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Faith Leaders Mark 9th Anniversary of ACA

March 21, 2019

Call on AG Slatery to Withdraw From ACA Lawsuit that Would Hurt Millions of Tennesseans Days before the 9th anniversary of the Affordable Care (ACA), local faith leaders and health care advocates held a press conference at Legislative Plaza calling on Attorney General Herbert Slatery to withdraw Tennessee from a lawsuit (Texas v. United States)...

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Another Rural Hospital Closes Its Doors

January 31, 2019

This time tragedy strikes Celina, a small town of 1,495 Tennesseans in Clay County. Not only will this community lose a hospital, but over 140 of our brothers and sisters will also lose their jobs. Even though most Tennesseans probably couldn’t find Celina on a map, their health care is no less important. This community,...

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