Christians Tell Gov Lee that TN is Leading the Nation in Failing Families

Will you send this message below to Gov Lee and your legislators to call on them to STOP FAILING TN FAMILIES? 

Dear Governor Lee and the General Assembly,

Ahead of Governor Lee's state of the state, I am calling on you to fix the issues that are causing Tennessee to lead the nation in failing families.

It's past time to change course and pursue a truly moral agenda that:

*Fixes the crises of children and youth in DCS custody

*Supports quality public education for all students and ends the pet project of "Christian" charter schools

*Works to end gun violence

*Creates access to affordable healthcare for all by expanding Medicaid

*Protects women’s reproductive freedom

*Ends the discrimination against LGBTQ+ Tennesseans

*Welcomes immigrants and refugees

*Provides economic opportunities for all

Stop trying to distract us with culture war propaganda such as banning drag shows, outlawing healthcare for transgender youth, and endangering women’s reproductive freedom, all while ignoring how these harmful policies are impacting the health, safety, and quality of life of Tennessee families, children, and youth. The time is now to change course and begin working to build a Tennessee that cares and provides for all.

EMAIL GOVERNOR LEE AND YOUR LEGISLATOR and ask them to stop failing our families now.

Email Gov Lee and Your Legislators