Share Why the Expanded Child Tax Credit will Positively Impact You and Your Family

On July 1st American families will start receiving monthly checks as part of the updated Child Tax Credit. For the first time, the child tax credit will be refundable, so those who previously didn't qualify because their incomes was too small will be able to start receiving the benefit. It will also be the first time that the credit will be sent monthly. (You can find more details on how much you will receive here.)

Because of these changes child poverty is expected to be cut in half.

We are collecting stories to share because "stories breathe life into the dry bones of numbers." So, if you and your family will be positively affected by this change we hope you will tell us more about your family and how beneficial these changes will be. We can also use these stories to share with our lawmakers so that they will pass the American Families Plan that will make these changes to the tax credit permanent.

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