Speaking out against dangerous permitless carry

  • Right now, our TN state leaders are trying to pass a law that would allow anyone to carry a firearm without needing to get a permit first. 
  • Our current permitting system ensures that proper background checks and safety training are done before an individual can carry a firearm in public.
  • This law would make it easier for firearms to get into the hands of people with dangerous histories, including those with histories of domestic abuse or drunk driving, 
  • There is not public support for permitless carry. 
    • In 2019 polling showed that 75% of Tennesseans opposed or strongly opposed removing permit requirements to carry a gun, while even more said they believed individuals should have to complete a course and obtain a permit to carry a loaded gun in public.
    • Members of both the Tennessee Sheriff's Association and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have spoken in opposition of the bill.
  • Studies have shown that states that have weakened their firearm permitting system have experienced an 11% increase in handgun homicide rates and a 13-15% percent increase in violent crime rates.
  • What can you do?


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