Speaker Casada’s Abuses of Power Disqualify Him as a Leader and He Must Step Down

The Gospel Warns Us that Abuse of Power Leaves a Trail of Destruction: Tennesseans Must Reckon with Casada’s Pattern of Behavior

In response to House Speaker Glen Casada’s pattern of behavior, Lenda Sherrell, state director of the Southern Christian Coalition, released the following statement:

“The Gospel is clear that abuse of power leaves a trail of destruction. It is essential that those in leadership be aware of the ways in which they are tempted to misuse power. After the recent revelations of Speaker Glen Casada’s pattern of behavior, all Tennesseans must reckon with this question: Is Speaker Casada abusing his position of power? As people of faith, we have come to that conclusion.

“In Matthew 4:8-9, Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world If he would just bow down and worship him. If Jesus was tempted in this way, so will we be also. In Tennessee, the trail of destruction includes Casada’s texts objectifying young women, dismissing victims of sexual assault, instructing the sergeant of arms not to release lawmakers from the chamber, and risking a fire hazard and therefore the safety of all in the room.

“We urge you, Speaker Glen Casada, to ask yourself if you are living by the Golden Rule – are you treating others as you want yourself to be treated?  Are you seeking to serve others, or are you serving a false idol of greed and power?

Speaker Casada, if you are not the servant leader who respects and serves those over whom you have power, we ask that you step away from your leadership position as Speaker of the House.”