We Sing “Joy To The World” – NO EXCEPTIONS! Rev. Jim Sessions

Our thoughts and prayers go to all our sisters and brothers throughout the world suffering from the coronavirus…and to those health workers laboring to contain the virus and care for the sick.  It is coming home to us that our health is not just a private possession but is shared whether we like it or not….it is community ……health must be shared in our town, our county, our state…and we are learning today shared with all of God’s creation.  Or we all suffer the sick, unhealthy, and fatal  consequences.

We sing Joy to the World…we  sing Joy to the world NO EXCEPTIONS.. we do not sing Joy to the World EXCEPT for those in a certain income bracket,  EXCEPT for children, EXCEPT for the invalid,  EXCEPT for rural communities,  Joy to the World EXCEPT for the sick. Joy to the world EXCEPT for people in nursing homes

People of faith sing Joy to the World NO EXCEPTIONS.

But in Tennessee our state government makes exceptions.   They refuse that lifeline – that gift of life and good health to 1.5 million Tennesseans.  We call upon our state leaders to choose life ....And health for its citizens – our sisters and brothers throughout the state facing suffering as never before.  Choose life not death.

This not just about number crunching, or being stuck in political  ideologies, or stuck in the past.  This is the very present danger to precious lives in our state.  To cripple or end our access to health, to not expand that access through Medicaid…..is just wrong.  We should probably  stop singing Joy to the World until our state leaders get this right.

Time is not on our side  --  Or theirs.

Rev. Jim Sessions - Knoxville, TN